January 15, 2013

[Nostalgia] Grim Fandango, playing on Windows 7

How can I play this awesome game on the new versions of Windows?

The fast and clean way is a new installer and launcher (the links are in the bottom).
The steps are:
- install the game with this installer using your CDs
- the update patch will be automatically downloaded and installed
- use the launcher to launch the game (there is a shortcut on the desktop) and you can play it in "windowed mode" too...

Installer & launcher:

If it doesn't work (you click start but the game doesn't start...) use this patch:

GrimPatchXPv2.exe  (google it)

I'm on Windows Seven 32, but without this patch the game doesn't work, so if you have this problem you can solve it very easily!
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