January 29, 2013

Martian Gothic: unification (end?)

Martian Gothic

I'm to the 95% of the game (the catacombs, the arena, the obelisk, the chorus, the Queen Mab sarcophagus) but I dropped it.
I can assure you that is the most frustrating game I've ever played and the last levels are pure masochism.
If you're brave enough to play it, do it with the cheats:
select the item "Tip book" in the Kenzo's inventory and write AREYOULOOKINATME for GodMode and IFEELUNUSUAL for infinite ammo.
Use this if you have problems: http://adrian.saxtus.gr/rr-mgoth.doc (thanks Adrian! Best guide for this game)

Argh, the plot is not bad, I would like to finish it, but... I care about my mental health!

I don't give a fuck about this Martian shit, I found this RC car and now I'm really happy!!! WRRRRRRR
Some screens:

>>Big version<<

"Stay alone, stay alive"

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