January 30, 2013

Drakan: the Order of the Flame on Windows Vista/7/...


Drakan: the Order of the Flame is an old game developed by now defunct Psygnosis in the 1999.
The main character, Rynn, looks a bit like Lara Croft (yeah, the 1999 is the year of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation) and Julie "FAKK2" from Heavy Metal FAKK2 (2000 here and here).


Does it work on Windows Vista/Seven in the 2013? Yes!! 
A little bug appears after installing and trying to play: if you select the game difficulty the game crashes.

These are the steps to fix the bug:

1) update your game with this patch (drakan_patch445_eng.zip)*;
2) press and hold Shift while starting the game (yes, double-click and push&hold Shift to activate the Configurator);
3) the Configurator pops up and you can see a new tab "Developer";
4) select the new tab and active the "Developer mode".
5) launch Drakan and start a new game, you can select the level (don't cheat!), select "Ruin village" (the level are not in the right order to play!)

If you have other problems set the .exe of the game in the compatibility mode with W98/Me.
* If the patch file 404'd google the filename or try http://d01.megashares.com/dl/M6yHDDT/drakan_patch445_eng.zip

So... let's play!
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