May 23, 2011

OS Nostalgia #2: MS-Dos 7.1

Let's install Dos (7.1).
What do you need?

- Ms-Dos 7.1 (or lower) floppy images;
- a virtual machine manager installed in your pc;
- one minute.

1) Create a new VM with one floppy drive and put in this drive the first floppy image (disk01.img)
2) Create a hdd virtual drive, start the virtual machine and boot from floppy
3) Install DOS and when it asks the second floppy, change the floppy image via menu
4) Ok, Dos is installed!

I have 7.1, you can install on this Dos the OS Windows 3.1.
I found only this version of Dos, but a lower version is ok too.

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