May 26, 2011

Apple and the malware

In these days a malware called "Mac Defender"  is spreading in the mac world.
Now Apple admits that this software is a malware and provides an update to fix this mess.

Where is the problem? Mac Os X is not invincible against viruses & co. ?

My thoughts:
those who create vulnerabilities in the system is often the user*, as in this case.

How to remove:

Lol fact:
a website called "MacDefender" ( was flooded with emails because some users thought it was connected with the malware. It isn't.

This webpage is in no way related to the scareware "MAC Defender", "MAC Protector" or "MAC Security". So please stop sending mails. There is no website for this scareware and of course you can't contact the authors of this application.


Update: there is a new version of this malware, pay attention

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